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[C] That none of the *terial he needs is available.[D] That reserve *terials can be taken out of the library.20. [A] He is not cooperative.[B] He will be in his office all afternoon.[C] He has not read any of the articles himself.[D] He already brought in extra copies of the articles.21. [A] Return early the next day.[B] Photocopy the articles he needs.[C] Ask professor Grand for a copy of the articles.[D] Wait until the girl has finished with her articles.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.22. [A] The election for senator. [B] The election for treasurer.[C] The election for secretary. [D] The election for president.23. [A] They are competing against each other in an election.[B] The *n is writing the wo*n′s speech.[C] The *n is interviewing the wo*n.[D] The wo*n is planning the *n′s campaign.24. [A] Make posters. [B] Write a speech.[C] Answer questions. [D] Study chemistry.25. [A] Compare their lectures. [B] Review the *n′s talk.[C] Prepare questions to ask candidates. [D] Vote in the school election.答案和解析:Section A11. M: Then why did you decide to quit your fomp3er job?W: That′s because of the journey. It took me about two hours to get to work. Your fimp3 is within walking distance.Q: Why does the wo*n her job?【解析】选[D]。男士问女士为什么辞了以前的工作。女士说因为她每天要花两个小时去上班,同时流露出羡慕男士的公司离其住所近,[A]错误。女士所说的journey,指路程而不是旅行,[B]错误。[C]项未提及。[D]中说女士不想在上班的路上花太多的时间,符合题意。12. W: Do you think Edward will get here on time for the job interview?M: If he doesn′t, nobody will.Q: What does the *n mean?【解析】选[A]。这道题关键在于听懂男士的回答。女士问他Edward能否准时参加面试,男士并未直接回答,而是说:如那么就没有人能了,言外之意就是他肯定会准时到达。13. M: Hey, you should be doing your art class now. Why are you here?W: I realized I′ve no talent for drawing. Dmp3a is a better alternative than those brushes.Q: What does the wo*n mean?【解析】选[D]。女士的回答中,Dmp3a is a better alternative than those brushes是这个对话中的关键点。[D]项表明她已经退出了艺术课,而选择了戏剧课,故为答案。14. W: Oh dear, I gained these 10 pounds in the last 3 months, none of my clothes fit any more.M: I wouldn′t complain, you look much better. In fact, you can gain another 5 pounds and still look good.Q: What does the *n mean?【解析】选[C]。每每女士为自己的体重大惊小怪时,男士常会给予一定的安慰和劝说。对话中男士说you look much better. In fact, you can gain another 5 pounds and still look good表明,男士劝女士不应为其体重担心。15. M: I′d like to buy these four greeting cards. Are they ten yuan each?W: Three of them are. But that s*ller one costs only half the price of the big ones.Q: How much will the *n pay for the cards?【解析】选[C]。这是一道综合性的计算题,但并不复杂,只要听到Three of them are (ten yuan each)"其中三个是每个十元"及that s*ller one costs half the price of the bigger ones"小卡片的价一半",确定应选[C]。16. W: I know you′re busy, but how about attending a film festival tonight? Your favorite star will *ke an appearance.M: You think I′d give that a miss?Q: What does the *n mean?【解析】选[A]。女士对男士说我知道你很忙,但今晚你愿意参加一个电影节吗,你最喜欢的明星会露面。男士反问道,你认为我会放弃这个机会吗?实际上暗示了他肯定会去的,这和选项 [A]吻合。男士的回答中,You think I′d give that a miss?是这个对话的关键点。17. W: Would you mind sending champagne and strawberries to my room at 1 a.m. please?M: I′ll try, *′am. But on Wednesday the kitchen staff leave at mid-night.Q: Where does the conversation probably take place?【解析】选[D]。champagne and strawberry、sending … to my room、kitchen staff构成了一个"在宾馆谈论送餐"的特定场景。18. W: You were on the phone for a long time. To whom were you talking?M: Oh, to Susan. She always knows the latest news in town and she couldn′t wait to see me to talk it over.Q: What can we learn from the conversation?【解析】选[B]。对话中男士不仅回答了女士的问题,还进一步提到Susan急于告知他镇上的最新消息。选项[B] eager to pass the infomp3ation she knows就是对话中couldn′t wait to see me to talk it over的同义转述can′t wait to do sth.意为"急切地想要做某事"。Conversation OneW: Can I help you?M: Yes, I′d like to read some articles that are on reserve about British culture.W: Professor Grand′s class?M: That′s right. How could you know?W: Let′s just say you are not the first person coming in asking for those articles.M: Oh, well, seeing as how I haven′t read any of them yet, it doesn′t really *tterwhich one you give me first.W: I′m afraid I can′t give you any of them at the moment. They′ve all been checked out.M: You′re joking, all of them?W: Every month. I′ve asked professor Grand twice already to bring in additional copies of the articles, but no sooner do I place them on the shelves than they are gone. See that girl in the black sweater? She′s been waiting for half an hour for those same articles to be returned.M: And here′s me. I went out of my way to free out the whole afternoon to read.W: I′m sorry, but there is not a whole lot I can do about it. All I can suggest is that you come in first thing tomorrow morning and try again. We open at eight.Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.19. What is the *n surprised to learn?【解析】选[C]。男士来借阅论文,被告知论文都被借走(been checked out)了,不由得说,You are joking, all of them?其中,You are joking表示不相信、惊讶之情(surprised)。同义的表达有Are you kidding?20. What does the wo*n say about Professor Grand?【解析】选[D]。根据选项无法判断问题是什么的时候,更需要我们注意听问题。 题目问Professor Grand的情况,图书管理员说她已经两次请Professor Grand拿来多份论文,但总是很快就被借走了。其他选项在对话中都找不到依据。21. What does the wo*n suggest that the *n do?【解析】选[A]。对话的最后部分女士建议男士明天一早就过来(come in first thing tomorrow morning),并告诉他开馆时间为8点。Conversation TwoM: Come on, Julie, how are we going to convince everybody that I′m the best candidate?W: It won′t be easy!M: Thanks a lot!W: Oh, just kidding. Actually, I think once we show everyone how well you did asjunior class treasurer, you are sure to be elected president.M: Well..., what′s your strategy?W: One thing I was thinking of is to hang campaign posters in all the hallways.M: But everyone puts up posters. We need to do something different.W: Let me finish. The campus radio station is willing to let you have five minutestomorrow morning at seven to outline your plans for the year. Lots of students will hear you then.M: Great idea!W: I′ve also arranged for you to give a speech during dinner time tomorrow. Over a hundred students will be there. And you can answer questions after you finish speaking.M: That means I′d better come up with a speech pretty quickly. How about if I write it tonight and show it to you after chemistry class tomorrow?W: Fine. I′ll see you after class.M: You are really good at this. I′ll be glad you agreed to help me out.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.22. What election are the speakers discussing?【解析】选[D]。听对话,注意对话开头部分,捕捉与elected相关的信息,根据the best candidate,sure to be elected president可以判断他们谈论的是学生会主席的选举。23. What do we learn from the conversation?【解析】选[D]。对话首句男士问how are we going to...;女士策略:One thing I was thinking of..., I′ve also arranged for you...。根据细节进行推理可知,女士是在帮助男士策划竞选活动。24. What will the *n do tonight?【解析】选[B]。听音时捕捉与选举有关的动作行为:come up with a speech以及write it tonight。问题问男士今天晚上将要做什么,[B]为细节再现。25. What will the speakers do after chemistry class?【解析】选[B]。听对话,捕捉与选项有关的表动作的词句,come up with a speech,and show it to you after chemistry class。问题问谈话者化学课后做什么。根据细节进行推理,应该是Review the *n′s talk。