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[B] In a lecture hall.[C] In a library.[D] In a domp3itory.20.[A] English.[B] Biology.[C] Introduction to English Literature.[D] A required course.21. [A] He lives on the 10th floor of Butler Hall.[B] He never wants to listen to students.[C] He used to teach biology.[D] He is an excellent professor.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.22.[A] When to move.[B] Where to live the following year.[C] How much time to spend at home.[D] Whose house to visit.23. [A] Take some money to the housing office.[B] Infomp3 the director of student housing in a letter.[C] Fill out a fomp3 in the library.[D] Maintain a high grade average.24. [A] Both live on campus.[B] Both live off campus.[C] The *n lives on campus; the wo*n lives off campus.[D] The wo*n lives on campus; the *n lives off campus.25. [A] Grades.[B] Privacy.[C] Sports.[D] Money.答案和解析:Section A11. M: Before we play again, I’m going to buy a good tennis racket.W: Your shoes aren’t in very good shape, either.Q: What does the wo*n imply?【解析】选[C]。女士说好像男士的鞋也坏了。女士的意思是要男士不但要买个好一点的球拍,也该换双鞋了,选项[C]符合题意。12. M: Have you found a partner to work with on biology? The lab class is tomorrow.W: To tell you the truth, I’ve been tied up with my chemistry course this week.Q: What can be inferred about the wo*n?【解析】选[B]。女士回答说事实上她这周一直忙着化学呢,即她还没有找到合作对象。[A]和[C]项误解了be tied up with的含义,分别将该短语理解为“喜欢”和“厌恶”;[D]项是说太忙而没有时间学习化学,这与女士所说的“一直忙着学习化学”相矛盾,注意too...to的表达方式。13. M: Make thirty copies for me and twenty copies for Mr. Brown.W: Certainly, Sir. As soon as I finish typing the letter.Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?【解析】选[C]。对话中的copies和typing都是在办公室场景中出现频率非常高的词语。另外,男士的祈使语气和女士对男士的称呼(Sir)有助于判断他们的上下级关系。 14. W: It must be the first time for you to be aboard a warship.M: Don’t you know that I’ve been in military service in the Navy for years?Q: What can we say about the *n?【解析】选[D]。女士推测这是男士第一次登上军舰,男士用否定疑问句的形式对此予以了否定,说以前他就曾在海军服过兵役。即他之前就登上过军舰,故[D]为答案。15. W: How did your interview go?M: I couldn’t feel worse about it. The questions were very fair but I seemed to find no answers for all of them.Q: How does the *n feel about the interview?【解析】选[B]。I couldn’t feel worse about it指I feel the worst,这说明男士的面视并不理想,[B]是对他心情的正确描述。比较级用于否定结构可表示“最…不过”。如Nothing better(那最好不过了)。16. M: I can’t find my lunch box anywhere.W: Never mind. I’ll treat you today.Q: What do we learn from this conversation?【解析】选[C]。对话中的关键词是treat“款待;做东;请客”,男士说找不到自己的饭盒了,女士说没关系,我请你吃饭,选项[C]是女士回话的同义转述。[A]、[B]与对话无关。[D]是借treat一词设置的干扰项。17. M: Wasn’t it terrific?W: Well, the music was enjoyable, but the story didn’t *ke much sense to me. I still prefer traditional dmp3a with strong characters and an exciting plot.Q: What does the wo*n think of the play?【解析】选[C]。对话中男士问女士对戏剧的看法,女士说戏剧的音乐不错,但故事情节没意思,并补充说她喜欢人物塑造力强、情节生动的传统戏剧。由此推知她认为这部戏剧太现代派了,故[C]为答案。18. W: Where have you been all this time? The train is about to leave!M: Sorry I’m late, but I was waiting for you at the infomp3ation desk upstairs. It’s lucky I thought to look for you here on the platfomp3.Q: Where did the *n think they were supposed to meet?【解析】选[D]。根据男士的回答,我一直在楼上信息台那里等你,可知男士认为他们应在信息台见面。所以答案为[D]。Conversation OneW: Excuse me, are you going to buy that book?M: Well, I need it for a class but it’s awfully expensive.W: Oh, we must be in the same class. Introduction to British Literature?M: Yes, that’s the one. Were you there yesterday for the first class?W: I sure was. Professor Robert really seems to know his subject.M: Yes, I took his Shakespeare course last semester and it was very good. He likes listening to his students.W: That’s a relief. I’m a biology a little uncertain about taking an English course.M: I’m an English *jor and this is a required course. But now I’m in trouble because I’m not sure I can afford this book.W: Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we split the cost and share the book?M: Sounds great. Do you live on campus?W: Yeah, I live on the 10th floor of Butler Hall.M: Perfect. I live on the 3rd floor of Butler. We should have no trouble sharing the book. I can bring it up to your room right after I wrap up the assignment.W: It’s a deal.Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard.19. Where is the conversation most probably taking place?【解析】选[A]。分析选项发现四个选项的介宾短语“in+名词”构成,表明本题考查的是对地点的判断,我们可以根据行为活动和代表性的词语来判断地点。对话一开始女士的buy that book即表明对话发生在书店内。而图书馆一般与借书、还书有关。20. Which class are the *n and the wo*n taking together?【解析】选[C]。四个选项的内容在录音中都有提及,关键是听清题目问的是男士和女士一起讨论的是什么课。回忆女士所说的in the same class和Introduction to English Literature以及男士的肯定回答Yes可以得出答案。21. What does the *n think about Professor Robert?【解析】选[D]。根据[B]、[C]、[D]可以推断He师或者教授。录音中提到了Professor Robert,女士说Professor Robert really seems to know his subject,男士肯定了女士的说法,说Professor Robert的课very good并且喜欢listening to his students,由此可以判断Professor Robert是一个优秀的教授。Conversation TwoM: You should have seen the line at the housing office. It took me an hour to *ke my domp3itory deposit for next year. Have you *de yours yet?W: No, I’m not sure I’m going to.M: There’s not much time left. The deadline’s May 1. That is just two weeks from now. Are you short of cash?W: No, I’m Okay.M: You’d better hurry up if you want a domp3 room next September. There aren’t enough rooms for every one, and first year students have priority.W: Well, I’ve been thinking about living off campus.M: Have you any idea of how much that would cost? There is the rent, utilities, and you’d probably need a car.W: I know it would be more expensive. I think I can handle it though. The domp3 is just so noisy that I can’t get anything done. Maybe my grades would be better if I had some peace and quiet in a place of my own.M: You should study in the library the way I do. Think of the money you’d save.W: I’ve got to think it . There’s still two weeks left in April.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.22. What are the speakers discussing?【解析】选[B]。对话围绕着交下一年的宿舍押金展开,接着女士说她在考虑搬出校园,由此引发了两人的讨论,因此整个对话主要是对话双方讨论下一年在哪居住的问题,因此答案选[B]。23. What must a person live in a university house?【解析】选[A]。对话中男士说You’d better hurry up if you want a room next September,而从前面的对话内容(*ke my domp3itory deposit for next year)可知男士说的hurry up指的是赶紧去交domp3itory deposit,由此可知如果要住学校的房子,就要付一些钱给housing office,故选[A]。24. Where do the two speakers live now?【解析】选[A]。从对话最后学习时的情况和住宿舍可以省钱可以判断两人现在都住宿舍,只是女士想搬出宿舍住。25. What does the *n seem to be concerned about?【解析】选[D]。从男士的话Think of the money you’d save可以判断他关心的是money,因此答案选[D]。[A] Grades是女士关心的问题。[B]和[C]两项对话中未谈及。